Museus no seu celular

Museum On The GoSeguindo uma dica do René de Paula no Radinho, fui conferir o Museum on The Go. O site promete entregar diretamente no seu celular imagens, audios e vídeos de obras de arte origianais, gravações históricas como ringtones e vídeos reais de grandes passagens da história.

Depois do break, o post que fiz para o TrendHunter

Imagine having some of the most valuable masterpieces readily accessible on your cell phone.

That´s possible with Museum On The Go, an initiative that allows you to download images, audio and video from museums, collections and archives all over the word to a cell phone. And these are not some kid-produced, low-rez scan of a catalogue. The content is licensed and can improve interest on prospective tourists and visitors to these institutions.

According to the offical website, “you have always access to these digital objects – art and history become ‘mobile’ and are always ‘on the go’.”

The user can choose from wallpapers, MMS to friends or to build an archive of art and history in your own cell phone. Additionally, it´s possible to have quotations from hystorical figures such as Sigmund Freud (interviewd by BBC) or Joseph Ferdinandz’ reaction to the first telephone (“This new invention is very interesting” ), in their own voices.

Talk about the multiplicative power of the digital a nd portable media.